L’Air du Pran

L’Air du Pran

L’Air du Pran.. a French name that suggests a breath of Pranburi’s fresh air.  The name also sounds Thai meaning “take a look at Pran.”

It’s an invitation to experience Pranburi.

Where you will breathe the pleasantly fresh sea breeze while enjoying secluded surroundings. Where you will listen to the waves running cheerily to the shores, the birds singing merrily,

And feel the wind dancing through your hair.  All combines to render music to your ears. 

Where you will greet the morning sun emerging in the distance from the Gulf of Thailand. Where you will walk or bike and take in the amazing beauty of the SamRoiYod mountain range featuring different moods and tones as it is bathed by the sun at different hours of the day.

Where you will rest in deep slumber tucked in comfortably soft blanket not wanting the night to end.

 Where we offer fine breakfast selection to help you greet a new day. Where our attention to even the smallest decor detail is intricately spelled out. Where our service and care make you feel heartily welcome.

L’air du Pran.. the breath of Pran — a beach resort built on a small land was created with love and dream supported by an unshakable intention to share the beauty and peacefulness of Pran beach, the ambiance of a true relaxation, the comfort of outstandingly appointed guestrooms, as well as to demonstrate our friendly and lively service.

Come to L’Air du Pran and let us take care of you,